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I love what I do.

As a design strategist and manager, I guide diverse customers and cross-functional teams to transform their businesses and bring their products to market by focusing on peoplevision, and process

I'm passionate about taking ideas, big and small, and transforming them into beautiful solutions alongside diverse, innovative teams.

Let me know how I can help.

Check out my resume, connect with me on LinkedIn, or email me for a PDF of my portfolio. Much of my work is under NDA, which is why you won't see it here.



People are the heart and soul of every project. 
They provide the inspiration, feedback, and purpose necessary to drive not just good design, but also good business decisions. 

It is not just about the customers though; it’s 
about building an empowered team that can invest in the outcome and drive a successful implementation. 



Crafting a vision is an exercise in listening, asking the right questions, and reframing the story until it’s relatable and compelling.

The fun shouldn’t end there; a strategy to achieve the vision should be developed. It should balance users’ needs, business requirements and technical capabilities. In order to achieve all this, a roadmap that shows the team what to build, when to build it, and how to measure success is essential.   



Process is best served with a heaping side of transparency. That’s why it’s best to begin any new project by working with customers and the team to break down big ideas into solvable, scalable projects.

Building structure to help the team develop better operating rhythms, track progress and ship quality solutions more efficiently is essential and should be adaptable based on the team structure and the solution being built.


Through expert facilitation, I help clients and teams define new growth opportunities and bring their strategic vision to life. 


Clients & Partners

I’ve led multi-million dollar contracts in healthcare, automotive, telecommunications, smart cities and smart buildings, insurance, and industrial IoT. These are a few of the clients I've worked with.

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